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The best bitcoin faucet that gives you unlimited amount of free bitcoins into your bitcoin wallet.

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Visit our bitcoin faucet every time and you stand a chance to win/ claim or earn our jackpot of bitcoins which is paid to your bitcoin wallet. We use faucethub micro payment system

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Please support this faucet. Feel free to visit any advert you like

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What is a Bitcoin faucet ?

A bitcoin faucets is simply a faucet which “drops” Crypto-currency called bitcoins instead of water. This concept is related with water drops is perfect because to collect the right quantity of water for use, you may have to wait quite a bit. The principle is the same with Bitcoin Faucets: the payments on faucets happen during certain periods of time either direct payment or accumulated over a period of time .

How to Earn/ Claim Bitcoin from Emmon Faucet

1. Insert your registered FaucetHub wallet in the space provided/ specified
2. Click on the ReCaptcha and solve media and complete the task accordingly
3. Click on the login button
4. On the CAPTCHA page click on the similar font style then click on the claim button

Bitcoin faucet Bot

The use of Bitcoin faucet bot is totally prohibited . If you use it, you will be banned

Bitcoin faucet List

We currently use
1. Cryptworld.io Bitcoin faucet list . Scroll down to check top btc sites and bitcoin faucets
2. bit.makejar.com
3. Game of Bitcoins

Bitcoin Wallet

We currently use faucethub micro payment system . In order to receive payment register your Bitcoin wallet there.

Bitcoin Value

you can check the current value of bitcoin using the below widget bitcoin.com located at the footer of this page

Bitcoin Mining

Emmon faucet supports and recommend the following Bitcoin Cloud Mining
1. Hashflare
2. Eobot

CryptoWidget provided by cryptoworld.io

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